The first active scanning Blind Spot Detection System for Motorcycles - Patent Pending.

The Wolf Reflex Blind spot detection system is designed specifically for Motorcycles and actively scans the road behind so that you can focus on the road ahead.


Improving Awareness

Motorcycle riding requires much more motor-skill and road awareness to operate safely compared to passenger vehicles and any reduction in this focus reduces the margin of safety. The Wolf Reflex Blind Spot Detection System will provide the rider with blind spot information while not sacrificing rider focus or requiring physical movement. Furthermore, providing the motorcyclist with more awareness of their surroundings will help them make faster decisions and situate themselves more defensively on the road.

Improving Safety

Out of the 8 million registered motorcycles in the US, just over 80,000 motorcyclists are injured and over 4,500 are killed each year. Not one motorcycle has a blind spot detection system. Similar to passenger vehicles, motorcycles also have blind spots that are created due to reduced visibility from wearing a helmet and rider peripheral vision limitations. Because of these blind spots, riders have to take focus off the road ahead of them and turn their bodies if they wish to safely turn or merge. The National Highway Safety Administration attributes nearly 10% of all accidents to blind spots.

Improving the Ride

The world is becoming a busier and more crowded place, but we all enjoy hitting the open road on two wheels. With improved awareness and safety, we can ride with greater peace-of-mind and make better decisions to ensure we can continue to enjoy our past-time.